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SAP Error R3load Phase from Installation New or Export/Import Heterogeneous System copy (Not Recommend may be duplicate/lost some data)

** Myself
(TSK) ERROR: TSK.bck  file already seems to exist       a previous run may not have been finished cleanly file .TSK possibly corrupted job finished with  error(s)
File name = SAPAPPL2_1.TSK.bck and SAPAPPL2_1.TSK

Run R3load for merge file then rerun sapinst or R3setup
Logon <sidadm>
 ->go to install/export/import directory from sapinst or R3setup
->run  R3load  to merge TSK and TSK.bck file

# Case Export heterogeneous with command file
R3load -merge_bck -e SAPAPPL2_1.cmd

# Case Import heterogeneous with command file