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SAP Create PDF by Print Preview of Smartform

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Go to from and choose  print preview

Select OutputDevice & Print preview
!! OutputDevice Need to use   PDF device   = PDFUC  (Thai format need to upload thai font to PDFUC)

Print Preview > Menu: Goto > PDF Preview
Smartform display in window show content by IE  preview (smicm port  80XX)

The smartform will be displayed as PDF in the PDF preview window.

OK prompt > pdf!

New window popup to show to convert smartform to PDF file

Save to a PDF format

Change Password of SAP User TMSADM

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1.Add record TMSCROUTE all system dev,qas,prd
As mentioned in note 749977 you must create an entry in TMSCROUTE table with:
     sysnam = ,TRGCLI
     rfcroute = 000
2.Update from DEV 000 se38->TMS_UPDATE_PWD_OF_TMSADM all password

3. change sm59 all system dev,qas,prd

4.Distribute configuration

Note 1568362 - TMSADM password change
  • Database and operating system independent.
  • SAP releases 46B (SAP_BASIS) and higher.
  • Missing function
  • Security requirements
When someone needs to have more stringent password rules, user TMSADM is affected by the new restrictions. In order to be able to enter a password for TMSADM user different from the standard one that complies with the password restrictions that have been set to the system, the following steps must be performed.
These are manual steps and are ideal for a system landscape that is small.
1. Apply the source code correction of notes 713622 and 749977 into all the domain systems. We can say that it will "enable" the functionality of modifying the TMSADM password. Should your support package level already contain the correction instructions from these notes, please proceed to step 2.

2. As mentioned in note 749977 you must create an entry in TMSCROUTE table with:
     sysnam = ,TRGCLI
     rfcroute =
where is the client number that the customer wants to have in the logon screen. If you want to use the default client, you must leave the rfcroute field empty for sysid=,TRGCLI
As explained in note 761637, we recommend to set the client to 000.

3. Proceed as explained in note 761637. That is,
   A. Create an entry in table TMSCROUTE with:
        sysnam = ,ADMPWD
        rfcroute = USER
      It will change the TMSADM behaviour, so password for that user can be modified

B. Now you must go to SM59, open the 'R/3 connections' node and delete the TMS* RFC connections. After that you must regenerate the RFC connections doing the following:
      STMS   > Overview   > Systems   > Extras   >
                  > Generate RFC Destinations
This will create the new RFC connections for the Transport Management System where the TMSADM password can be changed.

C. Now you should be able to maintain the passwords of the TMSADM users and the TMSADM@. RFC destinations in all the systems. You can choose the new password in a way that follows the new stringent password rules, and it won't be changed by automatically by the system.
 Should the system landscape be large then we can automate the process.

  1. For this we implement SAP note # 1414256 (for releases <= 640 manual steps in SAP note # 761637 must still be applied)
    The note 
    1414256 contains report TMS_UPDATE_PWD_OF_TMSADM which must be run in the DC (domain controller) client 000. It should be noted that this report in itself does not support domain links.
  2. Should domain links exist then use SAP # note 1515926. The note should be applied to all systems of the connected domains. Once the note is applied start the report that is described in Note 1414256 on all of the domain controllers of the connected domains. That means executing TMS_UPDATE_PWD_OF_TMSADM in client 000 on all domain controllers.